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The following are required disclosures related to statements of cash flows. The accounting policy for determining which items are treated as cash and cash equivalents should be disclosed and should exclude cash equivalents purchased with contributions restricted to long-term investment. Descriptive terms such as cash or cash equivalents should be used rather than terms such as funds. Award winning Lucy Hall is globally recognised as one of the industrys leading lights and as one of the medias most wanted hairdressers.

The net effect of cash flows and cash equivalents during the period should be shown in a manner that would enable the financial statement reader to reconcile beginning and ending cash and cash equivalents. Cash receipts and cash payments must be classified as operating, investing, or financing activities. Cash inflows and outflows from investing and financing activities should be reported separately.

The total amount of cash and cash equivalents at the beginning and end of the period shown in the statement of cash flows should be the same (or easily reconcilable) as similarly titled line items or subtotals in the statement of financial position. A reconciliation of the change in net assets and net cash flows from operating activities that reports all major classes of reconciling items separately, including, at a minimum, changes during the period in receivables and payables pertaining to operating activities and in inventory, should be presented.

Items reconciling the change in net assets to net cash flows from operating activities should include separately all major classes of operating items, including, at a minimum, changes in receivables and payables related to operating activities and changes in inventory. A separate reconciliation may be presented either in the statement itself or in a separate schedule when the indirect method is used. The following classes of operating cash receipts and payments should be shown separately when using the direct method. Cash collected from customers, service recipients, grants, and contributions. They should not include cash collected from donors for donor-restricted long-term purposes. Interest and dividends received that are not donor-restricted for long-term purposes. Cash paid to employees, suppliers, and other contractors, vendors, or grantees for programmatic purposes.

Other operating cash receipts and cash payments. Interest and income taxes (where applicable) paid. Noncash investing and financing transactions should be disclosed either in narrative form or summarized in a schedule. If the indirect method of reporting cash flows from operating activities is used, the amounts of interest paid (net of any amounts of interest that have been capitalized) and unrelated business income taxes or excise taxes (where applicable) paid during the period should be disclosed.